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  • Fort Worth Educational Article of the Month - What to do about a cage-shy or hard to trap squirrel

What to do about a cage-shy or hard to trap squirrel

What to do about a cage-shy or hard to trap squirrel

In this age of Do-it-yourself many Fort Worth homeowners try to save money by handling small jobs around the house. It seems easy to expect to catch a pesky squirrel on your own only to find that it avoids the trap. The homeowner may think the Texas squirrel is really smart or hard to trap. Another term is “cage shy “. Most times this is not a super smart or special squirrel at all. It is difficult to trap as a result of the homeowner’s inexperience in trapping. It is more likely that the Texas homeowner is using the wrong trap, the wrong, bait, the wrong location, or a combination of these problems. Trapping a wild animal is a skill and like any skill takes practice and a bit of expertise.

Professionals spend years honing their trapping talents. There are many variables involved in trapping. The location and type of the infestation determines what type of trap, positioning of trap and type of bait will be most effective. A common mistake made by the novice trapper is placing traps in the attic to catch squirrels. Because they normally eat outside these traps are useless. The trap to catch your squirrel needs to be on the roof near entry points, or attached to an eave because, as we mentioned, Fort Worth squirrels prefer to eat outside. This also makes the bait is less important than positioning. If you are trying to get rid of that squirrel in your attic and using a live trap you are off the mark. The best way to catch that illusive squirrel is with a one way trap. When the Texas squirrel goes to leave the attic it finds itself held captive in a wire box that it entered as a result of a one-way door.

A Texas wildlife removal specialist knows this. Once you realize you need help to solve your Fort Worth squirrel problems it raises new questions. Where do you turn to? How do you know the best company for the job? Your local chamber or county agency will be able to supply you with a list of competent and experienced wildlife handlers. These folks will be Texas professionals that specialize in your problem and will know just what to do. Choosing to hire a professional not only solves the problem of a hard to catch squirrel, but keeps you from climbing ladder, and out of harm’s way. When the job is done your specialist even takes care of the squirrel disposal problem as well. You get the satisfaction of knowing the job was done right.

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