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  • Fort Worth Educational Article of the Month - What should I do with a raccoon after I catch it?

What should I do with a raccoon after I catch it?

What should I do with a raccoon after I catch it?

Raccoons are actually the easiest animal to catch although some of them are cage shy. But compared to other Texas wild animals, they can easily find its way to the bait and enter your traps. Although these animals are strong and sometimes aggressive, there are a set of boundaries that must be obeyed when capturing one.

Now that you have caught a Fort Worth raccoon and it is confused inside the trap, what should you do?
You can release your raccoon from the trap with the back door. You can stand behind your trap before you lift the door up. Slowly back off and the raccoon will run away as fast as possible. It is almost the same as if you are releasing a cat. The first thing to do is to find bush. It is a point where the door should head so the raccoon can run and hide.
If you are not using back doors, you can lift the trap door but make sure you don’t use your bare hands.
here is how you can do
-Get a rope or belt or dog leash to help pulling the door
-Tie it to the finger grip of the cage at the bottom
-Hold both ends in one hand
-Push the top part of the trap door using another hand
-Pull back and step backwards

So, what should I do with the raccoons after they’re inside the trap?
It is quite difficult to give an exact answer but the best way is to do what the local Texas laws say you to do. State laws are provided to give you directions how to handle trapped raccoons. You could be penalized if you violate the rules. Hence, many states like California or Maryland have come with rules that when you capture a raccoon you should use traps and humanely put them down or relocate it somewhere at Texas relocation place.

Depending on where is your Fort Worth location, raccoons are aggressive animals so when putting them down, you should call experience assistant that know exactly what to do after trapping a raccoon. Here is a source for nationwide raccoon pest control. A raccoon may attack you once it is released so there are precautions to take seriously. Moreover, it is also illegal to keep raccoon as pet and many laws forbid to domesticate raccoons at home. Raccoon habitat is in the wild not in cage. Thus, it is not like you can teach them to be tame because it will not be possible. Raccoon may be cute but it is a Texas wild animal that cannot be taught or as loyal as a dog pet.

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